Pixelmator for iPad

Pixelmator for iPad

Pixelmator for iPad is a powerful image editor that gives you everything you need to create, edit, and enhance your images. It lets you work seamlessly between Mac and iPad. And even work effortlessly with people who use Adobe Photoshop.

Creative Tools

Jump-start your ideas any way you want.

Begin with photos from your collection. Use one of the beautifully designed templates. Or start with a blank canvas. Then drop in your photo. Add text or shapes. Move everything around, or simply start sketching. Pixelmator for iPad has everything you need to go from blank canvas to jaw-dropping wonder.

Powerful Painting Tools

Outstanding brushes. And equally impressive painting engine.

Full-featured painting tools to subtly enhance your photos, or create masterpieces from scratch. Choose from realistic to stylized brushes of all sizes and shapes. Sketch, draw, paint, spray, color, and so much more — do whatever your imagination strikes. Pixelmator has you covered. And every stroke you paint responds naturally thanks to state-of-the-art painting engine.
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Color Adjustments

Your pictures in colors that pop off the screen.

You’ve taken a nice picture. Now it’s time to make it shine. Begin with a single-tap color set to give it a quick enhancement or a more creative look. Then tweak the colors even further with powerful yet intuitive color adjustment tools like Levels, Brightness and Contrast, Color Balance, Curves, White Balance, and so much more. And best of all, they’re all easy and fun to play with.

Retouching Tools

Touch up to perfection. With a touch.

Polish pictures to perfection. And have fun doing it. Tap to instantly fix red eyes. Brush away blemishes. Smooth out hard lines. Boost colors. Brush in some light. Get rid of unwanted elements, and so much more. No matter how your images look at first, with an intuitive set of retouching tools, you can easily make them absolutely stunning.

Dazzling Effects

For unique and effortless artistic creations.

Loaded with dozens of breathtaking effects, Pixelmator for iPad gives even more ways to enhance your pictures. Add gorgeous effects like Blur, Vignette, Vintage, Black & White, Light Leak, Bokeh, Miniaturize, and many more — in an instant. Or even combine different effects for unique, near-effortless artistic creations, and see the stunning results in real time.

Advanced Image Editing

Features for pros. And everyone else, too.

Combine several pictures into one. Remove an image background. Apply a beautiful frame. Get rid of distracting objects. Rotate and scale. Straighten slightly crooked pictures. Copy elements from one picture to another. Create wondrous photo manipulations, and so much more. Doing it all is remarkably simple. Even though the features are anything but basic.


Adobe Photoshop Friendly

Pixelmator makes it a great creative relationship.

Pixelmator makes it a great creative relationship even with your friends who use Adobe Photoshop. You can save Pixelmator images as Photoshop files. Or import and edit Photoshop images right into Pixelmator. The most popular Photoshop features are supported, too. Now it’s no problem to create and work on the same image. Even if you use different apps.

Designed for iPad

Harnessing the technologies that lie within.

Pixelmator is meticulously thought through and created from the ground up for iOS 8 and iPad. Designed to take advantage of iOS 8 features and technologies. And engineered to leverage the full power of 64-bit architecture, ARC, Grand Central Dispatch, OpenGL ES, Core Image, and Core Animation, delivering state-of-the-art performance and responsiveness.
See full Pixelmator for iPad Technical Specifications

iCloud Support

All your latest work on your Mac and iPad.

Built right into the app, iCloud lets you create and edit images on any device you want. Automatically, without any effort from you, it keeps your Pixelmator work up to date on your Mac and on your iPad. So you can start a composition on one device and pick up right where you left off on the other. Or you can store images in the iCloud Drive so that you can access them anywhere — even on a PC.
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Pixelmator 3.3 Coming Early November

Consistently beautiful. On your iPad and Mac.

Start sketching your composition ideas on the go using your iPad. Finish it on your Mac. And vice versa. Pixelmator uses the same file format for both Mac and iPad. So your images look the same no matter where you open them.

Pixelmator for iPad

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